A Timeline of a Destructive & Creative Process:


Electrification of Media, The Spark of Digitization, and Integration through the Smartphone:

This polar grid timeline showcases the years 1885-2012 and several industries affected through out time with different eras of evolutionary upgrades in technology. Above are three time-frame divisions displaying older era items to the modified era items: The Electrification of Media, The Spark of Digitization, and The Integration through the Smartphone. Within this whole time-frame also displays three categories of communication and digitization: Telecommunication, Tasking, and Entertainment.

As time advances there are a number of industries disappearing while inching towards the Spark of Digitization while new social communication industries are rapidly escalating and some even completely dissappearing when time nears the Integration through the Smartphone. Many of these industries go through phases and are completely evolutionized because of the capabilities that the smartphone beholds. Some companies that did not begin producing communication products and somehow wound up in this one amazing smartphone evolution. Despite there being an elimination process throughout digitization there came a creative process to new innovations.


Above is the infographic as a printed piece hung in the Kellen Gallery on 66 5th Ave. in New York.

Custom print 4ft x 4ft, high gloss, and mounted.