Eats Machine: Poster Design


A Promotional Poster Design for Eats Machine, a mobile application, for the Arts Media and Technology Pop-Up-Shop in the Parson’s Festival of 2013.

5 Step Visual Analysis of Eats Machine: A mobile Application


This app will provide quality images, video, menu items, prices, address, and any other additional content right off of a map. It will capture the experience of good quality affordable places to eat at in the Lower Manhattan area. Mom-and-pop restaurants will have more visibility to young adults and college students on a budget looking for quick quality eats.


The final style is shown in the image above, however the process from moodboards, wireframes, to visual comps can be found at http://bit.ly/KUIx9m. Eats Machine connects consumers to the best local mom and pop restaurants. Check out the prototype at www.eatsm.com.

Computer Science Undergraduates in America


The job outlook for technological talent was bleak in the years following the crash, thus deterring many students from pursuing degrees in Computer Science. Though there has been notable growth in the number of degrees conferred, this growth must continue in order to meet current demands for top tech talent. The stackmap figure tracks the number of Bachelor degrees awarded between 2000 – 2011 at the nation’s top Computer Science Universities. Each color shown represents a specific university.

Evolution of Social Media


There are copious amounts of successful social media sites during this web boom of online innovation. However, the graph above reveals the growth and death of the very first successful social media sites since the begginning of the mellenium as well as the newer spontanious growths of social media sites during our time of growth in interactive telecommunication techonology. The graph also reveals a pattern of extreme growth in life and quick deaths for the older social network sites that had launched between the years 2000-2003.

Myspace, Cyworld, and Friendster experienced successful inclination of active users for a short amount of time during the growing years of 2005-2008 but failed to continue to keep their users active as time passed and as other newer and better social media sites have been launched. Thus, there is a pattern of one new social media always taking over the older social medias by stealing their avid online users.

The Designer’s Life:


Education, Career Paths, and Compensation:

There are a number of opportunities and paths for a student within each major for a design school. The graph above shows the different possibilities and outcomes a student can face in different chapters of their lives for the majors of Architecture and Graphic Design. As students pass through each grade in college more opportunities are available for their corporate future rather than their freelance future. There’s also the option of never getting a position, dropping out of college, and flying back home with no design related job.

Although there are many career options within design schools the various majors have different career salary outcomes regarding the time spent in education, and the implications and resultant opportunities of their field of choice. Architecture shows a lengthy and tedious amount of time spent in college to receive the least salary income, as for the Graphic design major shows a lower amount of college education for a higher salary income.

A Timeline of a Destructive & Creative Process:


Electrification of Media, The Spark of Digitization, and Integration through the Smartphone:

This polar grid timeline showcases the years 1885-2012 and several industries affected through out time with different eras of evolutionary upgrades in technology. Above are three time-frame divisions displaying older era items to the modified era items: The Electrification of Media, The Spark of Digitization, and The Integration through the Smartphone. Within this whole time-frame also displays three categories of communication and digitization: Telecommunication, Tasking, and Entertainment.

As time advances there are a number of industries disappearing while inching towards the Spark of Digitization while new social communication industries are rapidly escalating and some even completely dissappearing when time nears the Integration through the Smartphone. Many of these industries go through phases and are completely evolutionized because of the capabilities that the smartphone beholds. Some companies that did not begin producing communication products and somehow wound up in this one amazing smartphone evolution. Despite there being an elimination process throughout digitization there came a creative process to new innovations.


Above is the infographic as a printed piece hung in the Kellen Gallery on 66 5th Ave. in New York.

Custom print 4ft x 4ft, high gloss, and mounted.