Evolution of Social Media


There are copious amounts of successful social media sites during this web boom of online innovation. However, the graph above reveals the growth and death of the very first successful social media sites since the begginning of the mellenium as well as the newer spontanious growths of social media sites during our time of growth in interactive telecommunication techonology. The graph also reveals a pattern of extreme growth in life and quick deaths for the older social network sites that had launched between the years 2000-2003.

Myspace, Cyworld, and Friendster experienced successful inclination of active users for a short amount of time during the growing years of 2005-2008 but failed to continue to keep their users active as time passed and as other newer and better social media sites have been launched. Thus, there is a pattern of one new social media always taking over the older social medias by stealing their avid online users.